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Found Messages - From writings on the walls to the bathroom sink

Found Messages
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“Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else.”
-Ivern Ball

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This is a community for the writing on the literal wall- or bathroom sink, molding, or pretty much anywhere else you see writing where it isn't supposed to be. It can be profound, it can be silly. It can be inspiring, or it can be just fun to look at. As long as its found, it belongs here.

Posting Procedure

If you have more than one photo to share, please post the others behind an lj-cut (if you do not know how an lj-cut works, check out the FAQ secion on it) but give us a little preview of what you're posting above the cut.

Also, tell us a story about where and when you found it! For example, if you found it on a street corner, give us the street corner. If you found it in your classroom, tell us what class it was. It's that simple.

If you have something to say about a found message(s) that was posted, feel free to express it in a comment!

Inspiration and other sites you may be interested in

Picturesofwalls.com was a big influence as to why we started this community. They have great pictures of various found messages so we suggest you check it out.

Most importantly, we want the members and stalkers of the community to have fun with this. So keep your eyes peeled for something you'd like to share with all of us!

Your maintainers,

forgotnsuitcase and randomneses

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